Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jericho's Baptism

Jericho turned 8ys on April 9th. He chose to be baptized the next day, April 10th. He was baptized by his Dad and wanted to be confirmed by his Grandpa, Faaoso. Here is Jericho on his big day with his Dad in front of his favorite restaurant "ChuckaGrandma's". He calls it this because this is the place his Grandparents always take him. He especially likes not having to wait for the food. Buffet is the way to go for him.

Just before the Baptism.

Jericho, Laken, Jake, Jewel and Jonathon

Jewel, Jonathon, Laken, Jake, Jericho and Jonah

Jonathon, Jericho, Jewel, Joe, Jake and Laken

Jonah and Louis

Joe and his brother Adrian

Jewel, not patiently waiting for her plate.

Great Granny, Nana and Jake

Jericho opening his new scriptures with Jake by his side

Mommy and Jewel

Louis, Jewel and Jenn

Grandma and Grandpa

Auntie and Uncle