Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost Bet

So a few of us girls lost a little bet. (Thats what I get for making a small bet). So here are my portfolio pics. Have a good laugh. Ladies I expect to see yours soon.

Triad Center

Ad Shoot

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jr Jazz Basketball

This season of Jr Jazz the boys kept the same players that were on their football team. Joe coached again and this team went undefeted. Jonathon really enjoys basketball and you can see that when he's out on the court. He never misses watching a Jazz game. His favorite player is Williams.

Jonathon going in for a lay up!

Stealin' the ball



Got the brothers supporting him from the side lines, Jericho and Jake. Notice the red bleachers. They are playing at West. It was kinda cool to be back there watching my own boys play.
Jericho had enough of the supportin' now it was time for some Z's.