Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This year was a fun Halloween and since it didn't fall on a school night we got to party til late.
We went to a "trunk or treat" and then a "trick or treat" and then everyone ended up back at our house. The boys had a great time! The big pumpkin in the pictures came from our garden. Daddy was in charge of getting it to the front porch.

Jericho was Dracula. Talk about fitting
his personality.

Jonah and Aton were Men in Black agents. They got very creative and used toilet paper spring rods for their denueralizers. They quoted lines from the movie and had us all rollin'

Jane is all partied out. Taking in a "Mommy Moment"

Jake was Indiana Jones. He came
complete with whip and movie theme
which he sings as he is jumping off all
the furniture in the house.