Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jericho's Baptism

Jericho turned 8ys on April 9th. He chose to be baptized the next day, April 10th. He was baptized by his Dad and wanted to be confirmed by his Grandpa, Faaoso. Here is Jericho on his big day with his Dad in front of his favorite restaurant "ChuckaGrandma's". He calls it this because this is the place his Grandparents always take him. He especially likes not having to wait for the food. Buffet is the way to go for him.

Just before the Baptism.

Jericho, Laken, Jake, Jewel and Jonathon

Jewel, Jonathon, Laken, Jake, Jericho and Jonah

Jonathon, Jericho, Jewel, Joe, Jake and Laken

Jonah and Louis

Joe and his brother Adrian

Jewel, not patiently waiting for her plate.

Great Granny, Nana and Jake

Jericho opening his new scriptures with Jake by his side

Mommy and Jewel

Louis, Jewel and Jenn

Grandma and Grandpa

Auntie and Uncle

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Liberty Park

I like to pick the boys up from school which is right next to Liberty Park. So many times when the weather is nice we go there after school to play and feed the ducks. Here are some videos that the boys created.

West Point Community Festival

These are pictures from the West Point Community Night Out. I chair this event and this was our second year. We had about 600 people attend. Each year it gets bigger and better. Jake took advantage of the free face painting. He wanted to be SpiderMan.

Jewel is chillin'. Everyone kept trying to steal her.

We had many boothes set up that were informational and retail.

Free food and drinks

Lots of free activities for the kids including a parade which was lead by the police on their motorcycles and the fire truck.

Don't forget about the good entertainment.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This was a quick trip we took to Lava. Joe was out of town on a business trip so I packed up the boys and my Mom and snuck out of town. Lava Hot Springs has been a favorite family spot since I was a kid. It's fun to be able to now take my kids there. This trip was in the summer of '06. The boys wanted to put these pics on the blog.

Walking back up to the top of the river. Jericho, Jonah,Aton, Mom and Jake

Funny what you get roped into doing as a Mom. It was a blast!

Nothing but white

Almost to the bottom and all three boys are still on the raft. Good thing Daddy wasn't there.

Jericho soaking in the mineral water hot pots. He is 4 yrs old.

Mommy and Jake. Jake is just barely a year here.

Aton flexing his hams. 6ys old

Jonah hangin around at the local park in Lava. 8 yrs old


Aton-taming the wild beast


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Easter 2009 at East Canyon Resort

This year we spent the Easter Weekend at East Canyon. My Aunt and Uncle bought into the resort many years ago. I have many fond childhood memories of times spent up there. It was fun to take my children up there. My cousin Amy invited us for the holiday. She is in this picture with us along with Jonathon, Jericho, Jake, Jewel (almost 3 months), and I. This picture was taken during the Easter activities and egg hunt.

Jake is filling his bag with eggs as he finds them.

Here Jake is enjoying the activities that have been set up.

Mommy enjoying Jewel.

Dad helping Jake to cross the bars before Jericho can beat him to the other side.

Jewel with Great Grandma

Taking in a "Mommy" moment. We are watching the fire burn. I promise there is one in there.

Jericho is trying to light the fire. I am trying to keep him from burning down the condo.

More time at the playground. The boys got a bit wild on the tire swing. Jonah flew off.

Jericho is successful at his jump.

It's Jonathon's turn.

And Jonah is next in line. Now if I had a crew of girls instead of boys, would they be trying to clear tires?

Here they are together. Notice Jericho is in his PJ pants. We can never get him out of them. The minute we get home (school, church, etc), he changes right into them. Now that they are holy, I will have to throw them in the garbage before he puts them on again.

Jake is head first down the slide. This kid has no fear. Until Halloween comes and we walk down the costume aisle in the store. Then he screams. Sometimes his brothers trick him into walking down the aisle for their entertainment.

Here is antoher pic of Jake.
You guessed it. I get to be the fuel that keeps the tire swing going. This is the boys favorite by far.
Jonah and Aton.

Jake. Again.

Jonah and Aton playing "Chicken"

Jonah hanging on for dear life!
Jericho is very strong and full of muscle. Let's hope he has brains to!